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Multiple project names can be entered separated by the | character. The top half of the page summarises all of the scripts currently defined. If a script is selected from the summary, the bottom half of the page will allow modifications to the script definition. A hotkey can also be assigned to execute a specific script. Find large files bigger than (Mb) Specify what size is considered a ‘large’ file. Ниже в таблице мы привели эти значения для 5-дневной и 6-дневной недели. Среднесписочная численность работников (ССЧ) — это суммирование списочного состава работников за каждый календарный день и деление полученного итога на число календарных дней месяца. ССЧ нужена в случае расчета налоговой базы и учета статистики. Behaviour Close Process dialog when process succeeds When a process is finished, close the process dialog automatically. The unencrypted private key format Everyone recommends that you protect your private key with a passphrase (otherwise anybody who steals the file from you can log into everything you have access to). If you leave the passphrase blank, the key is not encrypted. You can modify the command if you would prefer, for example, to fetch only a specific remote, e.g. fetch upstream. Color remote branch Color to show remote branch names in. Just select “Connect via SSH” from the gear menu. SSH Host: the host name or IP address of the SSH server. Icon color Changes color of the selected icons.

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