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Causes a line break and begins collection of reference information until the reference end macro is read. .Re Reference End. Instead the ‘Ar’ argument macro is used for an operand or file ar- gument like target as well as an argument to a flag like variable. The ‘.Er’ macro is parsed and is callable. Passing Space Characters in an Argument Sometimes it is desirable to give as one argument a string containing one or more blank space characters. The ‘.Fl’, value is presently set to ten constant width characters or about five sixth of an inch. -width 24n sets the width to 24 constant width characters or about two inches. The description should be the most terse and lucid possible, as the space available is small. .Sh SYNOPSIS The SYNOPSIS section describes the typical usage of the subject of a man page.

RTFM mandoc.samples(7), mdoc.samples(7)

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