Обучающая миссия в поинт бланк

обучающая миссия в поинт бланк

Infiltrate this outpost for intel to learn where the convoy is heading. Clients who have already completed the quest beforehand will receive randomized rewards, and may sometimes get no after-mission reward at all. Please be aware that, after clicking on one of these offers, you will no longer be on our Services, and information that you provide will go directly to the third party provider.With Your Permission. Vor uses his Janus Key to destroy the first extraction craft (an ‘old’ Liset model) before the Tenno can escape, but the Tenno soon finds their old ship, an Orokin-Era Liset, impounded by the Grineer. Though the two missions prior to the final confrontation with Vor are both set to the ‘Hijack’ mode, their objectives bear no similarities to the actual Hijack mission type.

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